Cancer and Electromagnetic Energy

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ElectromagneticHealing.com is dedicated to using electromagnetic energy to heal. We are not medical professionals and are not giving medical advice, but rather hoping to spur connections between experts in the field of medicine, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, electrical engineering, and all the other related disciplines required to fully grasp the intricacies and magnitude of the connection between electromagnetic energy and the human body.

We are inspired by the works of people like: Nikola Tesla, Bjorn Nordenstrom, Jorge Cure' and Harry Eichler. We are looking for the next generation of scientists to carry the torch in exploring the links between electromagnetic energy and cancer.  We hope to encourage scientists to seek beyond conventionally-accepted principles and practices, to pursue science and medecine with pure intent, and to learn to better appreciate the magnificiently complex machine we have in the human body.  If you are willing and able to carry the torch, contact us to let us know what scientific research you can apply to our resources.
Importantly, treatment with electromagnetic energy is accompanied by the need to use some high-quality medicines that are available in the Canadian pharmacy at low cost. New developments of these drugs in 2015, allow for the most effective treatment of cancer and yield better results when exposed to electromagnetic energy per person.

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