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Professor Curé, with the help of entrepreneur Harry Eichler, built research upon the work of people like Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday.

 Later, he focused on the work of Dr. Björn Nordenström, former Professor Emeritus of Diagnostic Radiology at the Karolinska Institute and Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, and former Chairman of the Nobel Assembly.

Due to his stature and career, Dr. Nordenström was given the opportunity to try some experimental treatments on terminal cancer patients. He began to use electrodes inserted into cancerous tumors of terminal patients left with no traditional alternatives. With his techniques, he reliably reduced or totally eliminated cancers up to 4 mm in diameter.

Jorge Curé explains that cancer is the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. By studying electromagnetic frequencies he determined that cell division was associated with the transmembrane electric potential  (difference in charge within the cell and outside the cell membrane). When this factor drops, it triggers cellular division. He concluded that cancer was an electric phenomenon.

Harry and Jorge teamed with a third scientist, Panos T. Pappas to build a machine based on Jorge’s theories, the EPIC-IDD.. Like Nordenström, they manipulated electromagnetic frequencies at a cellular level, but their application was non-invasive.



After some successful (but limited) experiments with lab animals, they wanted to take the next step, but could not afford FDA approval.

There's more to the story, including successive iterations of the device and successful treatments on people outside the US.  Visit this page again because we intend to share more of the story.

In any event, the story ends with the the insufficient funds to penetrate the shield protecting the established medical system and the passing of Harry Eichler and Jorge Curé.

Of course, this doesn't have to be the end.  If we can find the right institution or team of physicists, biologists and other medical experts to contact us, perhaps we can write a new ending - one where we alleviate much needless suffering.

Here's an excerpt from one of the patents:

In recent years a great number of researchers have been paying much attention to biological effects induced by electromagnetic fields. Such fields affect the transmembrane potential of cells changing the ionic concentration in and out of the same. This is seen, for example, from Szent-Gyorgyi, Introduction to a Submolecular Biology (Academic Press, N.Y., 1960); Szent-Gyorgyi, Bioelectronics (Academic Press, N.Y., 1968); Szent-Gyorgyi, Electronic Biology (Marcel Dekker, Inc., N.Y. 1976); Cone, C. D., J. Theoret. Biol., 30, 151-181 (1971); Cone, C. D., Ann. New York Acad. Sci., 238, 420-435 (1974); Cone, C. D., Transmembrane Potentials and Characteristics of Immune and Tumor Cells (CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., 1985) Ch. 9, p. 138-141; Albert, B., Bray, D., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K., and Watson, J. D., Molecular Biology of the Cell (Garland Publishing, Inc., N.Y., 1983); Nordenstrom, B., Biologically Closed Electric Circuits (Nordic Medical Publications, Stockholm, 1983); Barothy, J. M., Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields (Plenum Press, N.Y., 1964) p. 100-108; Cure, J. C., Phys. Lett., 116b, no. 2.3, 158-160 (1982); and Cure, J. C., Norteastern University, Boston, November 1987 (Private Communication).

More than 40 years ago Szent-Gyorgyi observed the importance of the ratio D/A in the cells, wherein D stands for substances that donate electrons, while A stands for substances that accept electrons. This is seen, for example, from the three publications by Szent-Gyorgyi mentioned above. He observed that when D/A=1, the cells remain in the resting phase. On the other hand when D/A>1, the cells go into the miotic phase remaining in constant and uncontrolled proliferation. Szent-Gyorgyi also observed experimentally that the introduction of acceptors in the blood stream of mice with a particular type of cancerous tumors, arrested the growth of the same. The introduction of donors in the body of the affected organism do not produce any significant effect because the cells are rich in donors. These concepts bear a close relationship with Cone's theoretical and experimental conclusions. Cone observed that the cells remain in the resting phase when the transmembrane potential is approximately -65 mv. Nevertheless when the cells are in constant proliferation this potential changes to approximately -15 mv.

Recently Nordenstrom has reported successful electric treatment of cancerous tumors. His method takes the form of inserting a positive electrode in the core of the tumor while the negative one is inserted outside the cancerous tumor. There is no doubt that the electric field, provided by a 10v DC battery, disperses the ions in the cancerous region of the tumor. The positive electrode also plays the role of a physical acceptor A instead of the chemical ones used in chemotherapy. The dispersion or concentration of ions by electrostatic fields seems to have no significant effects. Other than an initial charge transportation, an electrostatic field may cause practically no substantial electrical current which is necessary for an electrolytic dispersion or neutralization of ions. On the other hand the effect of alternating electric fields have no substantial results, because of the alternating dispersion and concentration of ions. Nevertheless, recently many reports have been published concerning the biological effects of alternating fields of very low frequency. The use of static magnetic fields is known to have no effect on static distributions of charges or ions. However, from a biophysical point of view, reports are known that this type of field can arrest the growth of cancerous tumors. The use of alternating magnetic fields causes effects similar to the alternating electric fields, inducing oscillating dispersion and concentration of electric charges, causing an alternating electromotive force E=kdB/dt=k'di/dt, in such a way as to cause no net effect as far as ion dispersion or ion concentration is concerned.

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